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Exhibitions in the Felleshus

current exhibition:

Hostility and Reconciliation

14.03.14- 24.04.14

The German-Danish border region 1864-2014

The Danish Parliament remembers the 150th anniversary of the Second Schleswig War of 1864 with a travelling exhibition. The bilingual display (German-Danish) presents the multi-faced background and the course of the war, yet it is also devoted to the development of the German Danish border region down to the present time. Since the referendum of Northern and Southern Schleswig in 1920 and the following division of territory, the two national minorities play a central role for the border region and thus for the German Danish relationship.

Ausstellung: Grenzland Deutschland Dänemark 1864-2014
»On the post in the entrenchment of Düppeler | Auf Posten in den Düppeler Schanzen | Paa Post i Dubbøl Skandser« Foto: Statens Arkiver / Danish State Archives

Besides posters, interactive tablets, pictures and texts, items from the collection of the Southern Jutland / Sønderborg castle are also shown.

An exhibition of Southern Jutlands Museum / Sønderborg castle on behalf of the Danish Parliament.

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